Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I purchase items?

A: We have tried to make this website as straightforward and easy to use as possible, by including navigational and informational tips throughout. However, for help in navigating and understanding the buying process on this website, please see the 'Booking Steps' section of this help center.

Q: What payment cards do you accept?

A: The payment cards accepted when you make a transaction will depend upon who is supplying your items. Full information will be given before you complete your order. If you have selected items supplied by multiple suppliers you must choose a payment method that is acceptable to all suppliers. Most supplier will also list the cards they accept within their 'Terms & Conditions'.

Q: Who do I contact about my purchase?

A: This website may feature items which are supplied by a number of different suppliers. If you have a query regarding any item you have purchased or wish to purchase, please contact the supplier directly. The name of the supplier is prominently displayed in information about the item on this website. A list of suppliers for this website and their relevant contact details are also available in the 'Contact Us' section of this Help Center.

Q: When will my card be debited for a booking I've made?

A: Your card will be authorized by the Ticket Supplier before the booking is confirmed. The time between authorization and the transaction being charged to your account will be dependent on the Ticket Supplier and your own card issuer. In most cases your card will be charged on the same day that you make your transaction. In rare cases, although authorization of your card will occur at the time of transaction, funds may not leave your account for a number of days.

Q: Can I have the tickets posted to an address which is not the same as the address where my payment card is registered?

A: Currently we are only able to offer dispatch to addresses which are registered with your payment card supplier. To enforce this we check using AVS (or Address Verification System.) If the address you enter does not match the address at which the card is registered, the transaction may be deemed invalid. If you are unable to receive your items at your registered address, please select a dispatch option which allows you to collect your items on their day of use (from a venue box office, for example). However, if you do choose this method you will still have to enter a registered address when asked, in line with our standard anti-fraud procedures.

Q: When entering my payment card details I am asked to provide a CV2 number. What is this and how do I find it?

A: All credit and debit cards carry a security code number. This number is known to the bank and printed on the card, but is not stored or printed anywhere else. Therefore, it can be used as a check that when you make your purchase, you are in physical possession of the card, or have at least seen the card at some time. On most cards, the security code number is the last three digits of the number printed on the back, at the top right of the signature strip. On American Express Cards the CV2 number is the four digit number situated on the front of the card above and to the right of the card number. You will be required to enter this additional security number before your transaction can be completed.

Q: Why is there a dispatch cost when I've chosen to collect my items?

A: Although you have chosen to collect your items on their date of use, those items will still need to be dispatched to the collection point. Most items are dispatched by their suppliers from a central location rather than from individual venues – the dispatch cost for collection reflects this.

Q: What do I do if I receive an error whilst booking?

A: If an error occurs during your booking you will be presented with a message outlining what has occurred and suggesting what you should do next. Please follow the instructions presented. If an error is recurring and you are unable to purchase items, please see the contact details of the supplier of the items for alternative ways of booking. If you wish to report a recurring error please contact with as much detail as possible.

Q: I placed an item in my cart, yet when I go to checkout it tells me that item is no longer available. Where has it gone?

A: This is because our Shopping Cart works rather like a shopping list, allowing you to look through our products and add items that you wish to purchase. Once you have added all the items you wish to purchase, we attempt to purchase those items from our various suppliers. We are unable to reserve an item for you with a supplier until you click the 'Checkout >>' button from your Shopping Cart. While an item remains unreserved, other customers are able to find and purchase that item. If we sell out of an item you have requested before you go to checkout, you will no longer be able to purchase that item. If you are trying to purchase a high-demand item (some rock and pop concerts, for example,) we recommend that you go to the checkout as soon as you have added the item to your shopping basket to avoid disappointment.

Q: What will appear on my credit card or bank statement?

A: Each set of items from an individual supplier will appear as a separate transaction on your statement. Please see the suppliers terms & conditions for confirmation of the reference that will appear on the statement.

Q: How does this service use cookies?

A: We never save information such as passwords or credit card numbers on cookies. We do, however, require cookies in order to fulfill transactions (we use them to keep track of what's in your shopping cart, for example.) If you have cookies turned off, you will not be able to use our transactional service.

Q: The details on my tickets are not correct, what should I do?

A: Please check the details on your tickets with those specified in your transaction confirmation documents (printout of the confirmation page and/or confirmation email.) Please contact the supplier of your tickets using the details listed on the confirmation email, or look up your ticket supplier in the contact us section of this help center.

Q: Why can't I add this item to my shopping cart?

A: You may find that you are unable to add certain items to your shopping cart because of incompatibility with items already listed there. For example, if you have an item from a supplier in your cart, for which you have chosen a particular dispatch method, and attempt to add another item from the same supplier, which does not have that dispatch method available, you will be told that the items are incompatible. If you encounter an incompatibility problem, we recommend you purchase the items already in your cart, and go back to buy the incompatible item separately.

Q: Why can't I select a different dispatch method?

A: If you have items already in your shopping cart, you must select the same dispatch method for any additional items you add to your cart which have the same supplier. Because of this your dispatch options for items from any suppliers from whom you already have items placed in your cart, will be locked down to your initial selection. Unfortunately, you can only change the dispatch method for a supplier by first removing all items from that supplier from your shopping cart.

Q: Why can't I select different options?

A: If you have items already in your shopping cart you may have to select the same options for any additional items you add to your cart, which have the same supplier (an example of this is the Departure Date option on some types of item.) Because of this, some options for items from any suppliers from whom you already have items placed in your cart may be locked down to your initial selection. Unfortunately, you can only change these options for a supplier by first removing all items from that supplier from your shopping cart.

Q: When entering my ZIP code I am told that the system cannot verify it as valid even though it is correct. Why could this be?

A: If you are asked to enter a ZIP code when you checkout your shopping cart, we attempt to match that against a database of ZIP codes we have been supplied with by the postal service. This database is updated regularly. If your ZIP code is not recognized by our system this could mean that it is a new ZIP code (commonly because your building is a new build or conversion.) If there is no obvious reason why your ZIP code is not recognized, please contact the postal service in your country of residence to check that you have the correct ZIP code. To book items without needing to enter a valid ZIP code, please select a collect option at the Dispatch options stage of the booking process.

Q: How do you dispatch items?

A: Standard postage is by first class mail. If there are other options available, such as special and/or recorded delivery, these will be presented to you when you select your dispatch options.

Q: How do I purchase offline?

A: If for some reason you are unable or do not wish to purchase your tickets securely online, please check the supplier details for the items you wish to purchase, and use the 'Contact Us' section of this Help Center to find the contact details for those suppliers.

Q: What charges are included with the ticket price when I book with you?

A: All charges relating to your transaction will be readily displayed during the booking process. Generally speaking, you will be charged the face value of an item, plus any applicable booking or payment processing fee (per item), plus any dispatch cost (per Ticket Supplier.) If additional fees apply, you will be able to check how these make up the total amount payable during the booking process and once items are added to your shopping cart.

Q: How can you ensure that my transaction is secure?

A: We believe that buying online should be as safe, secure, and worry free as possible, so we use a series of Internet security technologies to ensure that your transactions are safe, and your payment card and anonymity are protected. This service is secured by a DigiCert SSL certificate. DigiCert is a recognized standard in establishing a secure environment between your web browser and our website. Any site that holds a DigiCert certificate ensures that you are using a secure system for your transactions. Security is also built into your browser, which is configured to manage a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. Information sent from addresses that begin with https is encrypted before transmission.

Q: When will I receive my tickets?

A: Most items are not dispatched until 14 days before their date of use – this is to minimize the chances of hard to replace items being lost before they are used. A supplier's terms and conditions may include more information on their dispatch policy.

Q: What should I do if I require wheelchair access to a venue?

A: Our suppliers can often offer you seats with wheelchair accessibility, however you generally cannot book these online as we want to ensure you get the correct seating for your needs. Certain types of items (such as exhibition tickets, for example) may allow you to purchase concessionary tickets if you are registered disabled, but this does not guarantee full access. If you are unsure of access, please contact the supplier of the item you wish to buy, or the venue directly, before completing your transaction.

Q: Will you use my personal information to send me spam?

A: When you book with us we will ask for your name, address, credit card details, and telephone number and email address, which we will hold securely with our records of your transaction. Credit and debit card details are also held securely by the applicable Ticket Supplier. This allows us to fulfill your ticket request, track your order, and contact you regarding your booking. No personal information provided by you will be used for marketing purposes unless you have explicitly agreed to the Data Protection statements on the booking page. If you have joined our free email newsletter service we only use this information to send you emails that may be of interest to you. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you receive. Where this service contains links to other services. Ingresso Retail is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such services, or for the privacy policies and practices of other third parties.

Q: If I haven't received an email confirmation, how do I check my transaction went through?

A: If you completed a transaction and a confirmation page was shown, then your order was accepted. Please make a record of your booking reference once the booking has been confirmed. If, for whatever reason, you also failed to receive email confirmation of your order and wish to receive further confirmation, please contact the supplier of the items purchased. We do not currently allow you to check transactions online.

Q: If I cannot collect my items, can I allow someone else to?

A: Possibly, depending on the Ticket Supplier. Some suppliers require the payment card used to make the purchase when collecting the items, but others have different policies. Contact the Ticket Supplier concerned for more information.

Q: I have lost my tickets, what do I do?

A: Contact the supplier of the tickets immediately. Please see the 'Contact Us' section of this Help Center.

Q: How can I track my order?

A: Most items are not dispatched until 14 days before their date of use – this is to minimize the chances of hard to replace items being lost before they are used. If you wish to find out more about when a particular item is being dispatched, please contact the supplier of that item.

Q: What information should I include in an email when emailing a supplier with a query?

A: The simple answer is as much as possible! The more information you can give a supplier the more work they can do to help before contacting you. As a bare minimum you should try to provide the following information: the name of the service you were using, what you were attempting to do (buying an item, searching for an item, etc.), the name of any item with which you are having difficulty, any error messages you have received, any reference numbers (from confirmation documents, for example) that you have been given and, of course, your name, contact details, and booking reference.

Q: I need to contact a supplier about an event in the next few days, but they haven't answered my emails. What should I do?

A: If you wish to contact one of our suppliers about an event in the next 14 days, we recommend you contact them by telephone during regular office hours for an immediate response.

Q: I no longer want the items I bought. Can I get a refund?

A: The rules governing refunds and exchanges are dependent on an individual supplier's terms and conditions. Please check the supplier on your confirmation documents and look up their terms in the Terms and Conditions section of this Help Center.

Q: How do I know a supplier has received my email?

A: You should receive acknowledgement of an email being sent within 24 hours of sending it. If you are worried that a supplier has not received a query sent via email, we recommend that you contact them by telephone during regular office hours.

Q: How do I view this service in my own language?

A: The language in which this service is displayed is automatically adjusted based on your language settings in your browser/OS. If you wish to see this service in your native language, you must make sure that you have set your computer up so that your chosen language is the default language. The languages that this service supports are: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Czech. If your native language is not on this list then this service will display either in the first language in your preferences which it supports or, by default, in English.

Q: What are the minimum technical requirements for using your service?

A: Any computer with Internet access able to run a modern web browser. For MS Windows we recommend version 5 browsers and above (Internet Explorer/Netscape) or the latest Mozilla/Firefox build. For Mac OS we recommend Apple's Safari or the latest Mozilla/Firefox build. For Unix/Linux we recommend Mozilla/Firefox.

Q: I'm a Mac user using Microsoft Internet Explorer and something isn't working. Why is this happening?

A: This service is completely Mac compatible (hey, we're Mac users ourselves!) The problem lies in your web browser. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer for Mac contains a number of bugs and is not fully compatible with modern web standards. As Microsoft have now discontinued development of MSIE it is unlikely a fix will ever be achieved and, as such, we do not fully support Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac. We recommend that Mac users switch to a modern browser that is still in active development, such as Apple's own Safari (for OSX) or one of the Mozilla variants such as Firefox (for OS9 and OSX). Safari is available from Mozilla and Firefox are available from